Tools and supplies to make your efforts more fruitful.

Mushroom Shack carries a variety of tools and supplies that are essential for growing mushrooms in large quantities.


Our gusseted polypropylene and polymethylene bags are the same bags used in our Mushroom Farms: They are specially manufactured to withstand high autoclave temperatures, and the 1” filter patch is fine enough to allow air exchange while preventing bacteria and foreign spore entry.

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Mushroom Farm agar is made from marine red algae and carefully formulated with the proper amounts of nutrients to feed growing mycelium. Use in a Petri dish as a medium to grow mycelium cultures.

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Use our precision stainless steel scalpels to cut agar and transfer mycelium to grain jars, transfer backup culture to make new Petri dishes, and perform similar tasks.

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Humidity Tent

Our humidity tents reduce the rate of evaporation and keep mushrooms moist. These are the bags that are included in our Mushroom Farms.

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Cheese Wax/Beeswax

Our food-grade cheese wax/beeswax is critical for making an airtight seal around holes where plugs are inserted in mushroom-growing logs. It keeps out insects and bacteria that could harm the growing mycelium. Be sure to carefully melt it before using.

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Mushrooms have been used by the Chinese since ancient times in herbal remedies. Today, mushrooms are showing great promise in the field of medicine. They are reported to naturally boost the immune system, lower cholesterol levels, reduce asthma symptoms, improve brain function, regulate blood sugar levels, and even reduce your risk of cancer.

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