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All the right tools and supplies.

Cultivating gourmet and specialty mushrooms is actually fairly simple. But with the right tools, supplies, and nutrients, you can assure the healthiest, most abundant harvests. 

Mushroom Shack® carries supplies and tools for growers at all skill levels … from novice to veteran. Our Mushroom Farm™ Growing Kits are a fantastic way to get your feet wet and learn the basics of mushroom cultivation. For many people, the kits are all that is needed or desired.

On the other hand, as you learn more about mycology (the study of fungi) and gain growing experience, you may find that you want to experiment on your own. So you’ll be glad to know Mushroom Shack offers supplies that include everything from spawn and grain to humidity domes and agar—a gelatinous sugar medium for growing microorganisms.

We also offer a variety of substrate choices, as well as several spawn configurations, bags, scalpels, and more. All to make your personal mushroom growing experience one to treasure.Buy Products