A Mushroom Nirvana!

Our on-site, walk-in terrarium, decorated with nature-scene murals, creates an inviting atmosphere where you can watch mushrooms grow from mycelium to maturity. Here, we place inoculated blocks of substrate to fruit. Once they have produced mature mushrooms, the mushrooms are either dried or refrigerated in our store’s showroom for purchase.

You can also observe our terrarium through the windows in our showroom, perhaps while relaxing with a cup of mushroom tea. The climate-controlled environment in the terrarium mimics the natural habitat in which mushrooms grow. Temperatures are maintained at 65-80°F, with humidity levels at 80-90%. A built-in mister hydrates the mushrooms and keeps the humidity level constant. Our terrarium also uses a specialized heating system and a grow light that uses wavelengths best used for mushroom growing.

There really is a science to growing the best quality organic mushrooms, and the result is like heaven on earth.