We think growing mushrooms is serious business.

That’s why we grow our own, organic mushrooms in a sterile, on-site lab at the Mushroom Shack. Our leading-edge lab equipment and our expert knowledge combine to make the most delicious, healthful mushrooms to be found.

Stop by Mushroom Shack and see our mushroom scientists in action. We can’t let you inside the lab, but you can watch from a special observatory platform. You’ll see expert mycologists and highly trained mushroom specialists, cloaked in sterile suits, growing mushrooms from cultures, developing new strains, and even cloning the most desirable mycelium!

Our lab is so clean and buttoned-up that, at times, you may think you’re looking through the window of a high-tech medical lab or a hospital operating room. And while the stakes in our lab aren’t as high as life-or-death, they are about producing the most wholesome, organic mushrooms possible for you and your family. And we think that’s pretty important, too.