Medicinal | Health Benefits

The amazing natural powers of mushrooms.

For centuries, Asian medicine has used mushrooms as a remedy for all manner of illnesses. Specifically, the reishi mushroom has been used in China for more than 2,000 years.

The legendary effects of mushrooms on promoting good health, fighting disease, and increasing immunity are now being supported by scientific research. Studies confirm that mushrooms are probiotic—they help our bodies strengthen themselves and fight off disease by maintaining balance and achieving natural resistance to illness.

Here are some of the ways certain mushrooms can help you maintain good health, naturally.

Reishi: The reishi mushroom provides the largest number of medicinal benefits of all mushrooms. Reishi extract is an immune booster that has been shown to inhibit tumor growth or even reduce it by increasing the body’s production of interleuken 1 and 2.  In fact, reishi extract is now a government-registered anti-cancer drug. Recent studies are also demonstrating that the reishi can lower blood pressure, reduce pain and inflammation, fight viruses, and protect the liver.

Shiitake: The shiitake (for centuries called the “Elixir of Life”) have been shown to reduce cholesterol levels when eaten regularly. There is also evidence that shiitake mushrooms can affect certain types of cancer.

Oyster: Like the shiitake, the oyster mushroom has demonstrated an ability to lower cholesterol levels if eaten on a regular basis.

Maitake: The maitake is another mushroom known to possess anti-tumor properties. It is also known as the “Dancing Mushroom” and the “King of Mushrooms.” Recent research has shown that regularly consuming maitake mushrooms also can regulate blood pressure, as well as glucose and insulin levels, making the maitake useful in weight loss.

Lion’s Mane: According to Asian legend, a person who consumes lion’s mane mushrooms will have “nerves of steel and the memory of a lion.” In addition to its anti-tumor properties, lion’s mane is showing promise in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It also has some ability to serve as a nerve tonic, and to improve digestion to treat ulcers and chronic gastritis.

Cancer Research

Over the past 30 years, research has been conducted to study the effects of medicinal mushrooms on tumors. Studies indicate that, not only do mushrooms have the potential to shrink tumors or inhibit their growth, but they can also reduce the occurrence of cancer. Specific cancers mushrooms have been shown to affect include breast, cervical, liver, lung, melanoma, ovarian, pancreatic, and prostate.