Pioppino Kits

The pioppinos are considered a gourmet delicacy in the Italian culture. It is a mushroom that goes well with just about any dish. 

In the wild, the pioppino mushrooms are grown on hardwood trees. When cultivated indoors, they can be grown on blocks of substrate that consist of sawdust supplemented with rice bran.

How to use the farm

Once you have obtained your kit, cut off the top half of the incubation bag, just below the label.

Stick the skewers in the top corners of the substrate and place the humidity tent over top of the skewers so that it covers the substrate.

Tear a hole in the humidity tent-this is for the nose of the plant mister so that the substrate will stay moist.

Mist the kit 2-4 times a day with non-chlorinated (i.e. tap water), non-distilled water from the plant mister.

Expect to see primordial growth within 14 days of the first mist.

If you notice that mushrooms are forming under the plastic incubation bag, simply cut a hole in the plastic so that the mushroom can continue growing.

Begin harvesting when they are still shaped like a dome. Take the mushrooms off with a knife or scissors and cut as close to the substrate as possible.

Repeat the same procedures for your second flush.

Medicinal value

Many people eat pioppinos for medicinal reasons such as their antifungal and antibiotic properties. They are also known to slow down tumor and cancer growth. When eaten dry, pioppinos are said to reduce headaches, dizziness, nausea, and fever.

Cooking tips

Pioppino mushrooms are especially tasty when they are chopped, stir-fried and cooked with white sauce then poured over chicken or fish.Buy a Kit