Morel Mushroom Garden – Outdoor Growing Kit

Morels are mysterious and elusive mushrooms, valued for their unique flavor and the challenge of finding them. They typically appear in the wake of forest fires or volcanic eruptions, and they have defied attempts at indoor cultivation. But you can grow your own at home with our outdoor Morel Mushroom Garden. Be patient, though – it may take up to two years to produce a good crop, as morels require seasonal changes to grow.

How to use your Mushroom Garden

  • First, prepare your outdoor bed. You should construct it in the summer or early fall.
    • Choose a 4’ x 4’ square in a shady place with sandy soil.
    • Mix in 10 gallons of peat moss, 5 gallons of ash, and 1 gallon of gypsum (calcium sulfate).
  • Plant the spawn
    • Spread the morel spawn in your kit through the top layer of soil.
    • Mix in hardwood chips on top of the spawn bed. Elm, ash, apple, and tulip chips work best.
  • Now, wait. This is the most difficult part of growing morels. It may take several years before a morel bed produces mature mushrooms. But in the end, the delicious flavor and convenience of having morels at hand will be well worth the time and effort.

Medicinal value

The mighty morel is believed to improve cardiovascular health. It’s full of vitamins and minerals that boost the immune system, and is low in sugar, making it a perfect food for diabetics. The morel can also reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Cooking Tips

For tips on cooking with morel mushrooms, see our Gourmet/Recipes section!Buy a Kit