Industrial Uses

Recycle, Reuse, Restore!

Don’t throw out your spent mushroom substrate! Spent Mushroom Substrate (often referred to as SMS) can be used in composting to add nutrients to the soil for growing plants and vegetables. It is made of agricultural materials, including woodchips, grain, wheat or rice straw, sawdust, or hay and contains valuable nutrients such as gypsum, a soft mineral that is also used in Asian medicine.

Because it is high in organic matter and has excellent water retention properties, SMS makes an outstanding soil amendment and conditioner for landscaping and lawn care.

In addition to adding SMS to gardens and flowerbeds, use it as mulch around newly planted shrubs for healthier growth. Spreading it on newly seeded lawns can prevent animals and insects from eating the seeds and retains moisture in the soil. It also inhibits the growth of artillery fungus that can grow in mulch and spread to your home.