Environmental Remediation

One of Planet Earth’s best friends.

The mushroom is a powerful friend to our ecosystem. As a decomposing organism, the mushroom recycles organic plant matter back into carbon dioxide, water, and minerals. The production of carbon dioxide feeds other plants, which need CO2 to produce oxygen.

Even the substrate in which you grow your own mushrooms is useful afterward. SMS (Spent Mushroom Substrate) is organic, so it can be used for composting gardens, parks, and agricultural crops. The substrate is a natural remedy for environmental disruptions that occur. SMS is also the material of choice for creating wetlands that are used as passive treatment of coalmine drainage.

SMS is a useful bioremediation tool for soils contaminated with diesel, wood preservatives, and pesticides. And compost teas made from SMS have shown to be somewhat effective in controlling apple scab and late blight in tomatoes.

So the next time you think of mushrooms, remember … they’re much more than tasty little morsels. They’re hard little organic workers!