Mushroom Species

Variety – the spice of mushroom life

Mushroom Shack offers a wide variety of organic produced gourmet and medicinal mushrooms. Because we grow our mushrooms in our own sterile laboratory, we can keep a keen eye on quality and wholesomeness. Our growing lab uses only top-of-the-line growing equipment. And, the substrates in which we grow our mushrooms are made of the highest quality grains, straw, sawdust, wood, and other growing materials. The result: the area’s best-tasting, freshest, and healthiest organic mushrooms.

But beyond simply selling mushrooms, Mushroom Shack is on a mission to educate people about the distinct flavors, nutritional properties, health properties, and even the history of each of the species we carry.

We want to educate you on common species names, species descriptions, history of each species, their habitat, natural cultivation methods, fruiting cycles and yield potentials, the best substrates to use, the medicinal and nutritional properties of the mushrooms we sell, and cooking suggestions for preparing mouthwatering meals with mushrooms.