Mushroom Basics

Choosing the right Shroom for you

Our cultivated mushrooms come in a variety of species. There are many different kinds of mushrooms so it may be difficult in choosing what type fits your body’s needs, palate, and skill level the best.  Keeping in mind that they all taste great, someone who may want to boost their immune system, could try maitake, or maybe looking to lower their cholesterol can explore shiitake.

Mushrooms that tend to our individual nutritional needs such as helping regulate blood pressure and cholesterol are some important factors to consider when deciding on the right mushroom, but don’t forget about flavor!  Each mushroom provides its own unique flavor and texture. Lion’s Mane, often used in Asian cooking, resembles a seafood-like taste and goes great with fish. For the meat lovers out there, shiitake and maitake accentuate any meal!

Level of Difficulty

Our Ready-to-Grow Mushroom Farms are designed for those without much knowledge from their inner mushroom cultivator and for those with interests in small scale gardening projects.  Below is a chart to help assist when considering a kit or an outdoor garden.