Growing Techniques

Using Inoculated Spawn

The most important principle to consider when working with inoculated spawn is to match your spawn to your substrate.  Mycelium has an internal memory, if you will, of remembering what type of substrate it’s previously been expanding upon.  If using sawdust spawn or pre-inoculated wooden plugs, we recommend inoculating similar type substrates such as logs or tree stumps.  If making an outdoor garden, remember to include a layer of woodchips with the spawn.  This will help the mycelium flourish.

When using grain spawn for growing various species like oysters, raw materials such as cereal straw produce the greatest yields.

The Mushroom Shack Farm

Our Ready-to-Grow Mushroom Shack Mushroom Farms are designed with the “average Joe” in mind.  It’s as easy as add water and watch them grow! Keep in mind some species require more attention than others.  Each kit comes with a detailed instruction booklet and humidity tent and are guaranteed to fruit.  Enjoy the freshest of mushrooms right there from your own kitchen.

Our Mushroom Farms also make a great educational science project to do for school or with the whole family.  Learn to better understand the balances of our environment and mycelial growth.

Don’t forget your friends and neighbors. Gift them a Farm and share the experience of watching nature produce in your own home while helping replenish our eco-system.


Mushroom Shack also offers a variety of outdoor spawn and pre-inoculated logs.  Each bag of plug spawn comes with detailed instructions to assist you in inoculating your logs at home. We also provide information on matching the correct type of wood with your desired species of mushroom spawn.

For the mushroom cultivator at heart, try one of our pre-inoculated logs.  We have already done the work so you can sit back and enjoy the taste of amazingly fresh mushrooms from your own back yard!  Our pre-inoculated logs are guaranteed to continue fruiting for up to 3 years.  Some species are known to even produce for up to 5 or more years.  One and four foot logs are available in shiitake, turkey tail and many oyster species.