Personal Testimonials

Below are testimonies of a few people who have tried Mushroom Shack products and cherished the Mushroom Shack experience.

“I have been a Chef for the last 13 years and your mushrooms are by far the best I have ever had! Combined with the knowledge of you and your employees I have also learned about the healing aspect of these little fungi. The experience in your store was a learning experience I will not forget and look forward to the next time I shop with you.” --Erik Pierce, Wild Carrot Catering

“The Mushroom Shack is a unique, fascinating and educational place to shop for mushrooms. I learn something new every day!”—Pam Hendrix, Lab technician

“I enjoy all Earth’s treats.” –Erik Pierce

“Our delicious mushrooms will satisfy your gourmet sensibilities and your New Year’s resolution to eat healthier. Our kits and logs are a one-of-a-kind way to expand your gardening horizons.”—Joe Haines, store manager

“Awesome store!” –Allen McClelland, customer

“An interesting place!” –Chris Fifer, customer