About Us

Mushroom Shack—growing mushrooms for life.

Mushroom Shack is a new company of mushroom enthusiasts. We believe in the value of mushrooms, not just nutritionally and medicinally, but as a force for good in our environment. We are on a mission to help people everywhere make mushrooms a part of their daily living.

We’re also here to provide the freshest, organic mushrooms for the gourmet chef in you… and to help you learn about the medicinal properties and health benefits mushrooms have to offer. In fact, our company was founded after our owner successfully used mushrooms to lower his cholesterol level naturally!

We grow all of our own mushrooms in a sterile environment to guarantee the highest quality and taste. Our retail store in Akron, Ohio is also a high-tech growing facility, featuring a laboratory and walk-in terrarium where you can watch our organic mushrooms being grown. You can also observe the attention and care that we put into each of our Mushroom Farm™ Growing Kits that contain everything you need to grow your own fresh mushrooms at home!

At Mushroom Shack, you’ll find a comfortable and convenient place to pick your own fresh mushrooms and to purchase from a large selection of growing kits, supplements, and many other mushroom products.

Whether you’re a mushroom connoisseur or a relative newcomer to the world of mushrooms, we encourage you to stop by Mushroom Shack to learn more about these incredible, edible fungi.